Escape Game Seven, Brain Game. Copenhagen.
Escape Game Seven, Brain Game. Copenhagen.
Escape Game Seven, Brain Game. Copenhagen.

Escape Game Seven

Players 3—7 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 210—350 kr. per player

About the game Seven

According to tradition, purification of the soul comes only if you do not succumb to the seven deadly sins. In SEVEN you get face to face with your own weaknesses and passions. You are exposed to wrath, lust, sloth, envy, greed, gluttony and pride. Will you manage to resist the seven deadly sins and obtain salvation? Bear in mind though, that the avenging killer representing the Divine Judgment is lurking.

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Address escape game Seven

Copenhagen, Gothersgade 35, 1. sal, 1123 Copenhagen
50 33 17 ... Show phone number

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