Escape Game The Bomb, TimeQuest. Copenhagen.
Escape Game The Bomb, TimeQuest. Copenhagen.
Escape Game The Bomb, TimeQuest. Copenhagen.

Escape Game The Bomb

Players 3—5 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 795—995 kr. per team

About the game The Bomb

Do you remember those movie scenes where the superhero has to defuse a bomb to save the world? You and your potential team of superheroes will be that person. You find yourself trapped in a Coldwar themed office from the 1970´s. The office is filled with old maps, gadgets and vital milatary secrets. You and your dreamteam have received a briefing that a bomb has been armed and will destroy you and your team in 60 minutes. The goal is clear: Find and defuse the dangerous bomb before the 60 minutes are gone. Search for clues, communicate and think.

Photos escape game The Bomb


Address escape game The Bomb

Copenhagen, Lille Strandstræde 20, kld., 1254 Copenhagen
+45 91 5 ... Show phone number

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